Jeff is an Oregon DPSST certified Armed Security Provider and Unarmed Instructor serving in municipal Public Safety. He started his career in Private Security during the 1990’s then transitioning to Franchise Business Consulting. During his years as a franchise business consultant, Jeff developed franchisee business training courses, becoming a corporate trainer. After many successful years developing franchises and training franchise owners, he desired a change.

Aside from Franchise Consulting and Training, Jeff continued to take part time Private Security contract work throughout the mid 2000’s while living in Phoenix, AZ and Las Vegas, NV. By 2020 life had brought Jeff back to Oregon with a renewed interest and sense of duty. After serving in higher education as Campus Security in Southern Oregon, Jeff moved to Eugene, OR to fill a public servant role in Municipal Public Safety.

Jeff’s dedication to Public Service, combined with his classroom experience and unique training method demonstrates the very best of high quality training.